The Muddy Bee Co.

Hazel (cognac | suave)


Experience the luxurious, smooth aroma of Suave. Crafted from a delicious blend of hazelnut and vanilla, this savory fragrance will transform your space into a cozy haven.

*formally known as cognac or suave*

Our wax products and sprays are made with renewable and ethically sourced ingredients made in the USA. 

Candle Ingredients: beeswax, soy, coconut, and RSPO palm oils. Naturally sourced fragrance oils, and cotton wicks with plant based fibers that are biodegradable. 

Room + Linen Spray Ingredients: Organic and wildcrafted witch hazel with naturally sourced fragrance oil. *NOTE* shake well before using - this product will put out a slight witch hazel odor at first but will quickly fade leaving the just the fragrance. 


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